Plastiq | deal到月底结束,抓紧刷卡拿奖励~


Time’s almost up for your special promotion! Simply login now to make a payment and earn up to 5,000 Plastiq Fee Free Dollars (FFDs) to apply towards future payments.

It’s so simple, it’s spooky: until October 31st, submit at least two payments of $2,000 or more and we’ll match the largest payment with up to 5,000 FFDs! The FFDs will be applied on November 15th or earlier.

For example:

  • Make two $2,000 payments, we’ll grant you 2,000 FFDs
  • Make two $5,000 or more payments, we’ll grant you 5,000 FFDs
  • Make a $2,000 and a $3,500 payment, we’ll grant you 3,500 FFDs

But wait, there’s more! You can get a 1.5% Plastiq fee on 3 payments less than $2,000 each if they are scheduled to be processed by October 31.

这个offer还挺有意思的,分为两种。如果你金额比较少,$2000以下,那么支付的时候,可以享受1.5%的手续费(限三笔)。如果你金额比较多,有$2000, $3500和$5000三个档,支付两笔之后,给你对应的免手续费的金额,比如5000 FFD,就是帮你节省了$5000*2.5% = $125。我选的是中间一档,觉得最划算。相当于只付出了$2k的手续费换来了两个$3500的1.25%的手续费。如果有算错请告诉我…

每个人会稍许不同一些。建议赶紧看看自己的邮箱,不要错过这批target offer。正好可以配合信用卡开卡奖励完成开卡消费要求,比如:信用卡推荐 | 新版Amex Platinum白金卡

关于plastiq的介绍可以看这里:好物推荐 | 快速完成开卡消费的神器Plastiq – 用信用卡也能付房租学费tax以及其他各类utilities!


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